Please listen to what I am saying. ($1)

This morning somebody at posted a story from The Onion, claiming Ford Mustangs are being recalled for being too cool.

I’m almost 100% sure it was meant as a parody, but it got me thinking about our wasteful car culture. Cool automobiles are nothing new, and the desire to show off our wheels is as American as apple pie and waterboarding. But doesn’t that just encourage us to drive more than necessary, in order to flaunt our automobile in public? I think so.

Perhaps it is time to deliberately tone down our desire for “awesomeness” when it comes to these carbon-spewing machines. It certainly does little to promote mass transit. A plain car is a fine car, when used sparingly. We can channel our desire for stylishness into more positive and Earth-friendly enterprises such as, say,  the cut, color, and finish of  reusable cloth shopping bags. Imagine the delightful swirl of colors and patterns in public if the creative energy that goes into auto designs were properly re-focused!

7 thoughts on “Please listen to what I am saying. ($1)

  1. Nonsense! Your diligence gave me a heads-up to murderize that offending span, and restore the good name of Harvey. Well done, citizen!

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