South Plateau Loop, Monte Sano State Park

The Rock of the Unclaimed Mysteries

The Rock of the Unclaimed Mysteries

So I go to the Official Rock of Unclaimed Mysteries and I sit there for a while and in mute desperation I ask God if everything is going to be all right.

The answer is silence of course, but it’s no fault of the setting. A massive rock jutting out from the ridge path into the forest canopy about 80 feet from the ground. It’s the childhood treehouse I never had, with 3 to 4 bars worth of wireless phone reception thanks to the Verizon tower on the next ridge.

As I walk on I wonder if I should have phrased my question differently, like will it get worse before it gets better, or will each day bring even more bad news. Then I realize that while I know less about God with each year I live, I am quite sure that God is not a Magic 8-Ball, and asking dumbass questions like that is a waste of my time and probably God’s.

The rest of the hike was uneventful and pleasant.