South Plateau Loop, Monte Sano State Park.

(Repeated from Facebook September 14, 2010) So I go to the Official Rock of Unclaimed Mysteries and I sit there for a while and then in my state of mute desperation I silently ask God if everything is going to be all right.


The answer is no, of course, but it’s no fault of the setting. A massive rock jutting out from the ridge path into the forest canopy about 80 feet from the ground. It’s the treehouse I never had, with 3-4 bars of wireless thanks to the Verizon tower on the next ridge.

The Official Rock of C. L. Smith's Unclaimed Mysteries

As I walk on, I wonder if I should have phrased my question differently, like will it get worse before it gets better, or will each day bring more bad news and more pressure. Then it occurs to me that while I know less about God with each year I live, I am quite sure that God is not a Magic 8-Ball, and asking dumbass questions like that is a waste of my time and probably God’s.


The rest of the hike was uneventful and pleasant.