Almost not a football post.

Corporatism is such an ugly word, but it describes our government, and the only difference between Republicans and Democrats is the starting point for brewing this malignant blend. The actual party in power is no more consequential than whoever won the last Iron Bowl. Even less so in Alabama. It’s not the size of the corporations, it’s the amount of intertwining with government they have, the ability to constrain acceptable debate, buy laws and suppress competition, ultimately at the point of a gun.

It’s pointless when one side points out the hypocrisies of the other. They don’t care, for the corporatists are not interested in being respected; they are interested in maintaining and growing power. If you suffer, well you’ll just blame the Other Guys, won’t you? HAW HAW.

Congratulations, major brand name political parties. You r00l, and we are left to fight and squabble with an illusion of choice. No political debate is even allowed  to touch the real consequences of life in Post-Constitutional America.

That would be crazeetalk.TM

Good luck suckers. I hope your TEAM wins.

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  1. Thanks to the relentless interconnectedness of social media, I am unable to escape the torrent of rage/disbelief/disappointment among a fairly large subset of friends and acquaintances because Obama–their personal President apparently–has failed them, and he has failed them often and repeatedly. What, I wonder, do they think he is besides a politician?

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